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Biography, Ben Moseley

Ben Moseley is president and founder of Dance Notions LLC, the parent company of the AccessDance Network and provider of custom online services for clients.

Ben's philosophy is that profit without purpose is soulless and meaningless. The soul of Dance Notions is dance as a way for individuals to soar and communities to connect. Ben keeps Dance Notions focused on meaningful work.

Ben began his entrepreneurial activities as a child; he was that kid selling popsicles at his makeshift curbside stand.

He began taking ballroom dance lessons as a college student and danced in a regional USA Dance competition. Ben's post-college jobs zeroed in on the intersection of technology and dance. He worked for AlphaShop, Dance Notions' predecessor. Ben continued to dance and take on more industry responsibility, dancing worldwide and eventually becoming a founding president of his local USA Dance chapter.

Ben is an enthusiastic supporter of dance. He believes in connecting dance supply with dance demand, and Dance Notions is the way he gets it done.

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