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About Us

History of Company

Dance Notions LLC is the dance industry's online destination. With our roots planted in information technology consulting, development and marketing, we have grown into a supplier of customers for dance businesses, a portal to a network of dance-related businesses and services, and a skilled provider of specialized technology services for custom development clients.

We began as AlphaShop in 1998. The company used the internet to create web tools that enhanced the relationship between a business and its customers, suppliers and partners. In addition, AlphaShop provided strategic vision to bring online ventures to life.

AlphaShop launched the AccessDance Network to focus on the dance industry. Services included web-based solutions, Dance Requests and industry support.

Dance Notions continues the company's focus on dance while also serving custom development clients outside the industry as opportunities and relationships allow. Dance Notions has a client base of hundreds of active dance business members and a rich history of key relationships in the dance industry. We work with the premium organizations in dance, including certifying groups, major companies, competitions, and studios and instructors. We offer full-service technology to dance businesses.

We also provide the AccessDance Network, which organizes supply and demand through the Dance Requests system. AccessDance has more than 90,000 visitors each month. They find local, regional and national services such as dance lessons, competition information and industry news.

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