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AccessDance Gold Membership

Gold Membership includes an individualized, exclusive Showcase on and access to Dance Requests in your community!

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AccessDance allows you to include news, events and activities and much, much more. This is a fabulous opportunity to enrich your presence with enhanced marketing content and showcase your business!

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Testimonial - Michigan Business - July 7, 2011

I can't tell you how happy I am that I became a member of this awesome marketing tool called ACCESS DANCE. Just after joining I was laid off from a 10 year job...thank God I had Access Dance working for me and sending me beautiful new students.

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Write an Article and Be Published... - May 27, 2011

GAIN MORE RECOGNITION Our new article submission tool allows you to contribute articles to and have your voice recognized by people who have an interest in dance.

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What is a Showcase Page? - November 20, 2008

It is a page which contains a complete description of your business, your full contact information and a link to your website, allowing you to introduce yourself to potential students and let them know what you have to offer.

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Testimonial - California Business - November 19, 2008

I want to thank you for your really effective website for my business...

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Testimonial - Oregon Business (1) - June 20, 2007

...just can't beat the visibility Accessdance Gold Membership provides for Independent studios for those Golden Opportunities!

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Testimonial - Kansas Business - May 26, 2007

AccessDance has been a big success for me...

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Testimonial - Rhode Island Business - December 2, 2005

AccessDance as a Company provides me with a Phenomenal Advertising Solution and on top of it, the Best Customer Service to back it up.

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Testimonial - Florida Business - April 22, 2005

I made back the $ I spent with you, plus more. My rep., Janiece, is fantastic. And the service/attention I receive is "unheard-of" in today's' times...

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Testimonial - Virginia Business - April 18, 2005 of my best investments in advertisements and their service is excellent!

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Testimonial - Connecticut Business - April 15, 2005

Thank you for a great source of referrals! We have been gold members for a few weeks now and the leads have provided our studio with some very nice new clients.

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Testimonial - New Jersey Business - April 5, 2005

I have recommended Access Dance to all of the Fred Astaire Dance Studios of New Jersey...

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Testimonial - Minnesota Business - April 5, 2005

My business has grown by 400% since AccessDance has introduced me to their gold member services. Their staff is professional, helpful and very friendly.

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Testimonial - Ohio Business - April 5, 2005

We were so impressed with the performance that my husband and I bought another Gold Membership area in Ohio.

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Testimonial - Virginia Student - February 15, 2005

I thought your service did an excellent job in getting about 4-6 studios/teachers to respond to me.

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Testimonial - Michigan Student - November 1, 2004

What a great service. We tried finding a place to take private dance lessons in the phone book, but they were all for kids. Thank you so much for this service.

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Testimonial - New Jersey Student (2) - October 8, 2004

I was looking for dance lessons (with little success), but with AccessDance, the lessons found me. Very convenient!!

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Testimonial - New Jersey Student - May 25, 2004

I had my first lesson today and it was so much fun. My new dance studio, Fred Astaire, called me within 24 hours of my posting on your site!

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Testimonial - Texas Student - January 1, 2004

Thanks to your service, I have located and started my dance lessons. The Dance Place was exactly what I was looking for. You did a great job.

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Refer-A-Friend - December 21, 2003

Now receive a FREE MONTH of service for EVERY friend and colleague (across the state or across the country) you refer to our services. We'll reward you for your efforts!

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Testimonial - Georgia Business - December 1, 2003

My recommendation especially to new, independent instructors, would be to become an active Gold Member and watch your bank account quickly grow!