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Testimonial - Studio Owner

Dance Notions
Date Published:
November 19, 2002

In this age of technology, webpages have become one of the most important methods of advertisement. I personally own three websites: one for my studio, and two for the annual dance competitions that I host. Being a full-time dance instructor and the organizer of two annual dance competitions and a dance camp, it is almost impossible for me to find time to manage my dance websites. Fortunately, Accessdance provides an excellent template for me to maintain high quality websites with minimal effort.

Imperial Dance Club

Accessdance is extremely easy to use, and it includes tools for the generation of class schedules and printable forms. Whenever I have questions about the template, the technical support personnel from Accessdance are always there for me. They are very professional and courteous, and very understanding of my needs. I highly recommend Accessdance to anyone in the dance community for the maintenance of their dance-related websites!


Stephan Krauel
-Imperial Dance Club
-Holiday Ball & Dance Camp
-International Grand Ball Championships
-San Francisco Open Dancesport Championships