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AccessDance Network Draws Attention To Ballroom Dance

Melva Smith
Date Published:
September 1, 2011

At 85,000 Visitors A Month, AccessDance Network Draws Attention To Ballroom Dance. Once in a while I run into a dance site that is so impressive and beneficial that it must be shared with our readers. Providing the latest in technology to the dance industry, the AccessDance Network found at, is one of those sites. "The mission of the network is to use the Internet to get the everyday person involved in ballroom dancing," said Ben Moseley, President of Dance Notions LLC, and owner of the AccessDance Network. "We consult and develop the websites for a number of organizations in the industry, and one of them is USA Dance Inc. We build the website for USADance. org." he said.

So how does the network operate? Ben compares it to Dancing With The Stars. "Think of Dancing with the Stars on TV. The end product, the show itself; is the culmination of work by a group of professionals that input their expert information about choreography and technique to make non-dancers look great on the dance floor. Where they have created a show to entertain and inspire millions on television. We've created a comprehensive resource on the Internet to get people dancing. The site currently receives as many as 85,000 visitors a month, giving a tremendous amount of exposure to its members and having the potential to add a lot more dancers to communities nationwide."

Dance organizations, competitions, studios, independent instructors and even chapters of USA Dance that are members of AccessDance, input a wide variety of articles and information on various topics that are then displayed at the website. These are then put into a large range of categories so that when someone searches the internet for information, it will direct them to the proper page. It is through this list of categories and information that the reader learns about what members have to offer in their local area. This is how many new dancers, who are lost at first, learn about dance opportunities. It is also how members of the network in turn, receive new dancers and grow their business. "It's about empowering them not only to get their information on the Internet, but to get it on where it can be found! "Ben exclaimed. When someone googles for instance meet new people in Louisville, KY, currently comes up as #4 directing them to dance opportunities offered by members rather than a never ending list of singles sites. Once at the site they can visit a variety of places including dance lessons, dance competitions and the learning center. "Our learning center is for people just getting into dance or for those that don't even know that dancing could be a great addition to their life. Right now we have about thirteen major topics, but are already planning to expand." Ben said. One of these topics is Meeting New People, which is one of the most popular reasons people first learn to dance. Other searchable topics include Wedding dance, Health and Exercise, Looking for a New Hobby, Enhancing Your Relationships, Pop Culture, Competition Dancesport and Giving the Gift of Dance.

"The true beauty of AccessDance is that the people contributing this information are the same people who work hard to create ballroom dance activities every day... our members," Ben said. "Our members are the professionals and volunteers who create wonderful ballroom dance experiences for others to enjoy every day. We do our job by building good quality websites that are all members of the AccessDance Network, and our members do their job by creating good quality dance opportunities and experiences."

"We are at a point where we need to reach out beyond our website and embrace more of what the Internet has to offer. Marketing and branding ourselves in such places as Facebook and AccessDance will help us build our brand awareness as a national organization and also help us to grow our membership." said Esther Freeman, past president and current treasurer of USA Dance Inc. "We have many goals. Efficiently using the Internet as one of the tools to help us achieve them is an ongoing process. In fact, we have a new "Tech Committee" now to help us evaluate and plan where we are and where we need to take our online projects to reach those goals. AccessDance is one of our options that looks promising." she added. If you would like to see some of the features that captured my attention while visiting this website, visit