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Amazon Storefront & New Suppliers Guide

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Date Published:
November 4, 2011

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AccessDance is consistently receiving over 80,000 visitors per month!
Advertise using our new Pay-Per-Click Model powered by Google!

To help provide a more robust and fulfilling shopping experience for our visitors, AccessDance has discontinued the services of our online mall and have instead launched a new online store powered by Amazon.

SUPPLIERS GUIDE powered by Pay-Per-Click
With 80,000 Monthly Visitors to AccessDance, your business will thrive off of the advertising value of being visible across our Network. We offer many 'destinations' for our visitors and it's through these destinations that we'll be able to 'fine tune' your message exposure to get you the right type of customer you want.

We've kept our initial pricing at the same price point as our previous suppliers guide with one twist; guaranteed exposure! Our Vendor Advertising is now on a CPM basis. $500/yr or $150/qtr will get you a guaranteed 1000 visitors or 250 respectively to your vendor showcase on This option will also allow up to 2000 visitors or 500 respectively, without any additional cost.*

If you're already an Amazon Seller, then you're ready to have your products added to the AccessDance Online Store! Just contact us and we will add your products to our Storefront at no additional cost.

If you would like to advertise your products throughout our network, we'll consult with you and explain our different destinations, setup your "Vendor Showcase" in our "Suppliers Guide" and then link your display ads from the destinations you choose. We can even help with creating your display ads if necessary.

As a BONUS THANK YOU, we are offering those who sign up with our Suppliers Guide for a full year ($500 commitment to our pay-per-click advertising), the ability to have an entire STORE CATEGORY on the AccessDance Storefront with up to 10 products.** This Category will be available for one year, regardless of the status of your Suppliers Guide Membership.

If you are interested, please contact us today!

[ Visit our Suppliers Guide ] [ Visit our Store ]

* After you reach 2000 visitors or 500 respectively, you must renew to continue your Suppliers Guide Membership.
** To participate in this special offer, you need to currently have an Amazon Seller Account.